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The major advantages of a cooperation with freelancers I see in the following fields:




- Interim solutions

- Project purchasing / product development

- Supplier search / auditing / evaluation

- Supplier agreements / price negotiations

- Outsourcing

- Process optimization




Interim solutions


Whether a shortfall of employees due to a longer holiday, a sabbatical year, the lovely patter of tiny feet or unfortunately also absence due to illness – the shortfall has to be covered, at the best by experienced personnel.



Project purchasing / product development


Product development always requires additional work, but only temporary. If getting new products ready to go into production with existing suppliers or sourcing for new ones – as soon as the supply chain is stable no additional work will be needed.



Supplier search / auditing / evaluation


The abovesaid product development, creating a supplier portfolio for covering delivery failure or price fluctuations, preparing make-or-buy decisions, or for making suppliers „comparable“ - supplier search and auditing are essential.



Supplier agreements / price negotiations


The only chains you should wear in life are the chains of commitment.“

- Shannon L. Alder


Contracts ought to provide a mutual security and therefore create win-win-situations. I would like to assist you with the creation, communication and negotiation of supplier agreements, as well as the control of their abidance. Here, and in the field of price negotiations it is often advantagous to work with a third party.





Outsourcing mostly requires the purchase of external services but it is a good way for coping with bottlenecks.



Process optimization


Whatever stage of development your purchasing is at, there is always room for improvement. Process analysis, definition of processes and responsibilies (purchasing + other departments) and the creation of according job descriptions are essential for a smooth process flow.




Why you should choose me for a cooperation in the abovementioned fields, you can find here.